Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back in the game...sorta

So I've made myself take a picture. I'm still not 100% yet but I'm feeling better. I'm slowly working my way back to eating food again. My stomach seems especially sensitive to food right now so I'm being cautious. Anyway, there's this recipe I've been wanting to try for forever that Alex's mom sent me. She knows how much I love cupcakes so she forwarded a blog post to me that had this picture...

Thanks to Bakerella for the photo! So I am DYING to make these and have decided that tomorrow is the day because Alex has to work late so I'll have all evening to work on them. Hence the photo of me with the 150 pack of lollipop sticks. Sort of overkill, I know but that's the smallest package they sold. I guess I'll have to keep making them in the future :-) I hope they turn out as cute as in the picture. All I know is I'm so stoked to make them!

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