Baby Cupcakes!

What do you think of my new lip color? It's called Red Velvet :-) Actually, it wouldn't be half bad...nice name too! So I made the mini cupcakes tonight. It took me several hours but with Alex in bed with the flu, I was able to work on it all evening. It was fun! And hard!

What amazed me most was the Red Velvet cake mix. When you dump this stuff out of the box, it's brown just like chocolate cake mix...add water and BAM, bright red cake mix! It was the strangest thing I'd seen!

So here's a yummy morsel for you! I don't think I'd make these again, or if I did, I'd vary them. I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate so the top didn't really appeal to me but that bottom (semisweet chocolate) was delicious! Doesn't that just look awesome?

And a little more cupcake-porn for ya...


Kelly Anne said…
Oh, yum yum! I can take care of those for you, I LOVE white chocolate! ;o)