Monday, January 12, 2009


Ever since Alex and I began talking about selling our Wii, we've been playing it even more than ever! We have fierce bowling competitions nearly every night! We're both well above the pro level and fight each other for the highest score. We're gettin' pretty good! Who knows if we'll sell it now...

And for wedding photos. Here's one from the first wedding I shot and I really like the composition of these photos. The bride was gorgeous and the couple was just a lot of fun! I snuck this shot while they were enjoying some wine after the ceremony

This is just a simple shot of the bride's bouquet. This would have been much better with the macro lens I just got, but not bad for my 28-135mm lens (I LOVE that lens too!). It's a really good all-around lens.

Tomorrow is the second half of my ACMT exams and I'm a bit nervous. You might argue I should be studying but I'm pretty studied out.

Alex and I got some good news on our house today: our contract was ratified by the seller which means now we play the waiting game with the banks. It will probably be several weeks before we know if we actually got the house. We beat out the other offer though so we're feeling pretty good about it!

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Benny said...

Don't sell it until talking to me...I'll buy it!