Not feelin' it

I'm so not feelin' my photos right now. I'm in a slump...maybe it's the weather. Actually, I think it's just that my mind is so distracted with the house stuff right now. This is how I spent most of my my bath robe, relaxing in the sack. For those who haven't experienced it yet, the sack is the most comfortable piece of "furniture" you could ever own. It was one of Alex's first "big" purchases with his first paycheck from Lockheed. It's pretty awesome

Here's a wedding photo from the first wedding I shot. There weren't a whole lot of awesome shots from me at this first one as I was learning so much what with my new flash and everything. This, however, is probably one of my favorite shots of all. The bride and groom were headed off to the reception and Cassidy was on the other side of them snapping photos. I noticed the groom had casually slipped his beer behind his back so as not to ruin Cassidy's photos. Well it turned out he created a great photo op for me! This is such a guy thing to do and I love it :-)