My new 50mm Macro combination lens just showed up! Woohoo! So excited! It was ridiculously on sale so I couldn't resist. So I'm definitely departing from my "theme" but I wanted to do this as my photo for tonight as I'm blown away by this lens. This photo is completely unedited. I can't say I've seen my eye at that detail, haha. Just click on the photo and you'll see what I mean! If you look even closer, you can see my arms and camera reflected in my eye!

And here's a picture of Biscuit enjoying the peanut butter we gave her. She always seems to forget just how sticky P.B. is and gets hung up licking it from the roof of her mouth. So silly and fun to watch!

And lastly, here's another wedding photo. This is probably one of my favorite photos of all. It was getting to the part of the night where everyone is pretty wasted, the cake has been cut (the cue for the older folks to go home), and the real raunchy dancing begins! One of the bridesmaids had left this on the table and I thought it encompassed a wedding reception in a way. None of the girls ever end up wearing their heels all night (except for Veronica, my maid of honor) and there is almost always Red Bull involved! Cuz let's admit it, it's a long-ass night!

Anyway, I'm taking the Apple Certified Macintosh Technician exam tomorrow morning so it's about time I head off to finish cramming. I've heard it's a doozy! Wish me luck!


Haha, that last picture is awesome. I love how you knew I wouldn't wear the sandals! Cracks me up...