Just a standard photo for tonight. I feel like it describes my mood well right now. I passed the second portion of the ACMT exams so I'm extremely relieved! I got all kinds of kudos throughout the day and my boss printed up a cute sign that he put on my door saying: "Desktop Support is so PROUD of Marley for becoming ACMT certified! Thanks Marley!" I thought it was really nice of him. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

So now the next best news we're waiting on is the house :-) That will probably take a while but I can be patient. For now, I'm pretty content.

Here's a wedding photo. Awesome dessert at this wedding and I don't even know what it was! Usually I sneak at least some wedding cake but this was early in the game and my snatching skills weren't quite as good as they are now! Just ask Cassidy ;-) All he'd have to say to me is, "hey Mar, see that beef on a stick? Think you can get one?" A minute later, I'd have two in my hand.

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said…
Congrats on passing your test!!
Benny said…
Congrats on passing the test and the house opportunity.