Saturday, January 31, 2009


I just bought these earrings and love them! And they were only $2 :-) They are very fun! Alex and I went to visit my parents today out in P'ville. It was really nice to see them. We got to hang out, relax, help them with small projects and look at photos. Mom found some photos tucked away in a closet and pulled them out. A photographer took these a long time ago and I love them! So I scanned them in and touched them up a bit. What do you think? My mom is still just as beautiful as she looks in this photo!

I think I still look the same...stubby nose, chubby cheeks, mischievous smile...

And a cute photo of AJ and I :-) Do you see the resemblance? I don't

I know Kelly will recognize this photo. This was before I was doing wedding photography legitimately. This was at my good friends', Ludin and Jen, wedding. They asked me to take a few photos like this after the ceremony and I was more than happy to oblige! I didn't have a flash at this point so I had to do it without a flash. The photo looks much better with this "aged" finish to it as it's a bit blurry. I still really love this photo!


Kelly Anne said...

Yours is the world's prettiest family, I swear.

Marley said...

Aww, thanks Kelly :-)

marionsquarion said...

A.J. still looks like the late Heath Ledger.

maybe i should marry him.