2008 was SO last year!

I think for my next few posts I'm going to explore things that stand out in my mind from 2008. Here's one for you (though it may be silly)! Anyone remember the mustache tattoo trend? I saw pictures of it almost every day and really got a kick out of it. While I was neither bold enough to get the tattoo nor had the time to rush out tonight to get it, my nose is still fresh with the smell of Sharpie so I guess that counts ;-)

What do you remember most about 2008? It can be anything!

I think what I'd like to start doing is adding some of my other photography to the blog, not just photos of me. I will mostly include ones from weddings but there will be others as well. I'll try to keep it to just one extra picture per post.

Oh, and I realized I forgot to celebrate me reaching one whole month of photos! YAY me!

So here's a photo from a more recent wedding. I was up in the balcony (where I usually take my stand for the processional) with the organ player. The priest at this church, who was probably the meanest person we had ever encountered, didn't want us using any flash. Yeah yeah okay, all of them ask for that. But she also didn't want any camera noise...ummm, okay crazy lady. Needless to say, things got heated when she interrupted the ceremony to announce that "the photographers are excused!" So anyway, I wasn't using any flash and really liked the lighting in this photo.


Kelly Anne said…
Um, so in 50 years, which will you value more: the words of the pastor (pretty though they may be), or the photos showing the (arguably) most important day of your life? Let's think...

On the mustache thing, I came across a booth at the Crafty Bastards fair in September called Something's Hiding in Here that sold wooden mustaches on sticks (they even showed up as a wedding favor, actually). I, for one, love the ridiculous mustache trend!
Congrats on a month of posting!

In 2008 I will most remember:

1. My trip to Europe
2. Getting my 'first job'
3. Graduating college
5. Starting to date Andrew
6. Moving into my own place
Marley said…
hahaha, LOVE the wooden mustaches!

Ah yes, first job, that's definitely up there! And college :-) Lots of good stuff from 2008