It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Alex and I went ice skating tonight! So here's a quick picture of us in front of the tree. Not super imaginative, I know. Today was crazy with running around in all the madness.

We did get some awesome sushi at one of my favorite places though, Obi in Reston. Amazing sushi. I highly recommend the Zen Roll; it has sweet potato, tempura and cream cheese. DElicious!! Definitely my favorite sushi roll. I also tried one of their specials which was the Vegas Roll, which was massive and awesome. It was avocado, unagi (eel), cream cheese, spicy eel sauce and the whole thing was fried (tempura). Pretty sweet

The countdown to Christmas begins...


I went ice-skating there on Friday night. Was the rink packed with middle and highschoolers then too? Turns out I'm only *slightly* better at ice-skating than I am at snowboarding. Big shocker, I know.
Marley said…
TOTALLY packed! It was kind of lame cuz it was so packed with teenagers. We still had a good time tho