I need practice

Ok, well, my plan for tonight was to take a picture of my face straight on and then edit it in Photoshop, giving myself a mirror image of one side of my face. When I was taking a drawing class my last semester at Mason, we were told that people with more symmetrical faces are usually perceived as being more beautiful/attractive. So I wanted to make my face symmetrical to see how it looks.

As it turns out, my face is so UN-symmetrical that it can't even be done...at least by me. It looked horrid and freakish! So I turned to using Biscuit for a quick shot. It's kind of a crutch but I didn't have the patience to do anything really involved tonight.

This has been the slowest week ever and I'm so glad Friday is finally here. It feels like it's taken twice as long for this week to go by as it normally does.


Mar, I'm really liking your new blog.

On another note...I feel like your face is symmetrical though, no?

I think the picture of you and the Fluff needs to be your new FB picture. Uber-cute and made me giggle.