HOT Pockets

This one's for Cassidy. In our many trips to weddings, we end up talking about the most random stuff and finding ourselves in bumblescum towns, passing by the B-Bizzle and Tizzle as Cassidy calls it. The traffic will be a "shit-storm" and we'll sing our own versions of "Lumberjack", formally known as "Sexy Back" and "Sweet Caroline"..."this bride's drunk!".

Anyway, one of our discussions came to Hot Pockets and I told Cassidy how I make a mean Lean Pocket and pretty much can't live without them. Especially cheeseburger flavor!

Here's to the fun times we've had at the weddings!


Cassidy DuHon / said…
Nothing says 'Gimme my money, ho' like the B Bizzle & Tizzle. :)

Favorite wedding moments: That grody DJ that was all up in your shit even though he knew you were married. Hilarious.

Thank you for being such a great assistant... even through all those category 5 shitstorms.