Saturday, December 6, 2008

HOT Pockets

This one's for Cassidy. In our many trips to weddings, we end up talking about the most random stuff and finding ourselves in bumblescum towns, passing by the B-Bizzle and Tizzle as Cassidy calls it. The traffic will be a "shit-storm" and we'll sing our own versions of "Lumberjack", formally known as "Sexy Back" and "Sweet Caroline"..."this bride's drunk!".

Anyway, one of our discussions came to Hot Pockets and I told Cassidy how I make a mean Lean Pocket and pretty much can't live without them. Especially cheeseburger flavor!

Here's to the fun times we've had at the weddings!


Veronica Hohenstein said...

Haha, cute post!

Cassidy DuHon / said...

Nothing says 'Gimme my money, ho' like the B Bizzle & Tizzle. :)

Favorite wedding moments: That grody DJ that was all up in your shit even though he knew you were married. Hilarious.

Thank you for being such a great assistant... even through all those category 5 shitstorms.