FLUFF! For those of you taking finals, that just might be what you're filling up your essays with! I know I would be. But alas, this is a different type of fluff; my favorite type of fluff. On a list of things I can't live without, this is pretty damn near the top. Seriously. I was so excited when I saw this at Target because Safeway doesn't sell these monstrous containers...only small ones. It's dirt cheap too...less than $2. I love love love it!

On another note, Alex and I just watched "The Strangers" and it was mighty scary. I was jumpy the whole time. I really liked it because it was scary without being gory (save for the end of the movie) like so many "scary" movies nowadays. I feel like this one was a legitimately scary movie. It definitely had me on the edge of my seat!

I'm still looking for the missing piece to my snowboard. I am going to scour all the local places that sell winter sports gear to see if I can maybe find a replacement piece. It's such a small and seemingly insignificant piece, which is why I'm sure it got misplaced.

Oh well. Happy Friday!