It's Friday!! I didn't sleep much the past two nights but slept like a champ last night so I'm feeling pretty good today. Today's picture is pretty obvious...I have my engagement ring in my mouth. I love this ring! If anybody doesn't know the story, this is how it all happened...

Alex told me he was going to be busy helping a friend move a couch all morning but instead he was buying my ring. He called me in the afternoon to see if I wanted to go to Meadowlark Gardens (a great park in Vienna). "Sure, want me to meet you at your house?" I asked. He offered to pick me up and that's when I knew something was up.

He seemed a bit nervous in the car and very focused! I looked down and in between his car's center console and the seat was a receipt from Jared's. I though it was mine because Alex had bought me a necklace from there so I pulled it out. "Oh hey! I left my thing in here". Alex gave me a terrified, deer-in-the-headlights look and the only thing he could blurt out was "NO!" I put it back and we rode quietly the rest of the way. I definitely knew something was up!

We arrived at Meadowlark and Alex seemed to know right where he wanted to go. There is this small winding path that leads to the top of a hill overlooking the rest of the gardens. It's beautiful! The last time we'd been there, we'd had a race to the top. "Race you to the top!" I challenged. He smiled and lead me up the spiral path. Once at the top, we sat on the bench and I hopped up to snap a few pictures of the flowers surrounding us. "I got you something to go with your new dress", he said. It was our second anniversary and we were going on a dinner cruise that night to celebrate. I turned around with a smile on my face and he was down on one knee and well, you know how it goes from here!

Anyway, long winded explanation, but that's what it is. And now you know :-)