Sunday, March 30, 2014

The evolution of the longest project ever...

Alex and I bought our house about 5 years ago and in those years, we've completed many projects.  There was, however, one we just couldn't quite get motivated to tackle; our master bathroom shower.  We began to tackle the bathroom shortly after we moved in, tearing out the old and making plans for the new.  We expanded the existing bathroom, put down tile, painted, ran new plumbing and put in new vanities.  Well, for years, the shower was left, completely unfinished, the walls to the studs.  Here are some pictures of that bathroom and the finale of the shower being completed!  (We cheated and paid someone to do it but we are SO happy we did). 

First, the old pictures

lovely wall paper in the shower...
 After we ripped out the tile
 Yeah, they glued a plastic surround over the old, ugly tile
 Mmmm, lovely.

 Here is the weird "changing room" outside the bathroom.  I'm standing in the opening from the bedroom.  The door you see goes into the bathroom
 Here's the original bathroom...long, narrow, dark, ugly, non-functional
 This bathroom was in ROUGH shape
Lovely shower...
 First step was to open the bathroom into the "changing area" (which is where I was standing when I took this picture)
 This is where the "changing area" table and mirror were
Standing in the opening to our bedroom, looking into the new opened bathroom
next was drywall
 Then we put in tile floor
and got the opening ready for a door
then vanities went in!

then paint
then this is pretty much where we stopped.  If you look to the right, you see the studs at the end of the bathroom; that's the shower.  Our bathroom stayed like this for at least 3 years
 then we hired a crew to come in and finish it!
 cement board up and mortar base!

new LED light fixtures
 then tile!

 all done with glass in place!
 overview of the bathroom (shot from the closet)
looking into the bedroom
before and after!!

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