Thursday, July 30, 2009

New do

Just got my hair cut and now I'm beach-ready! The long hair was too cumbersome and hot! This is much better

What do you think?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Thunder Cruise-In

Alex and I headed home for the Summer Thunder Cruise-In today. I took a ridiculous amount of photos but am posting the best! May be a bit gratuitous but the cars were just so gorgeous!

Shelby Cobra that was brushed aluminum with shiny stripes...definitely one of the coolest things we saw!

I love me a GTO


Nice back end of a Mustang '67 Fastback

Someone brought their new Camaro...not bad but I like the old ones best


1957 Chevy locks :-)

Looked great in the purple!

Love the GTO all murdered out

Some of the coolest flames I've seen!

One Ford GT...a pretty sick car!

Mom and I :-)

And of course some kitty pics! He has become a tree climber apparently!

How about those eyes?!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Master bedroom!

Alex and I finally got our bedroom set! We actually mixed two different sets. The bed is part of one and the side tables and dresser are part of another. I LOVE these pieces!

Here's another angle. We still haven't put down the baseboards yet but we will soon

And this is my favorite piece! My new dresser! Alex and I no longer have to share his old, small dresser. This makes me incredibly happy because even with all my clothes, they hardly fill this dresser :-)

Tomorrow Alex and I are off to the Summer Thunder Cruise-In in P'ville so you have some classic car pictures to look forward to in the next few days.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

AMAZING wedding processional!

Ok, so one of my friends posted this one Facebook and it is AMAZING! I wanna be the photographer at this wedding! Check it out :-)

On Tuesday, Alex and I did a trapeze class in DC and it was also amazing! I don't have the photos yet but should soon and will definitely post them as soon as I do. I highly recommend you try it before they leave for good in September!

PS, that's yours truly in the photo ;-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dumbarton Oaks...sorta

The weekend before last, Alex and I made a trip to check out Dumbarton Oaks in DC. Problem is: they didn't list their hours on the website so we ended up getting there way before they opened. We did find a very cool park behind it though that was pretty awesome!

There was a really cool stairwell that lead up to a gate into Dumbarton Oaks. Of course it was locked, but cool nonetheless.

All of the trees were massive! I love huge trees :-)

We stumbled upon a river and there were dogs; lots of them! I'm talking like 12 dogs! And they were all fighting over the same stick and tennis ball

We stayed for a good 30 mins watching these dogs play!

One of them even began to follow us up the trail as we were leaving. Fortunately he followed our orders to turn back, haha

Then we met up with Adam and Catherine for a cheese and crackers in a park near their apartment. This was a great little park!

It was full of cascading water and awesome stairs!

I know I'm behind but I definitely wanted to get these up! This week was full of Alex and I finally getting back to work on the house. It's been a while so it feels good to have gotten more work done! We are finished with the guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs and it looks great!

This weekend Alex and I are headed to the Summer Thunder Cruise-In in Pville. If you've never been, I highly recommend it if you're into cars! I'm looking forward to getting some great photos out of it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching up

Alex and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner! We went to a restaurant in Alexandria called Bastille. It was delicious! As we were walking out the restaurant we heard what we thought was thunder. However, it was a little too consistent and close to be thunder. We stepped outside the restaurant to see bright flashes of light...FIREWORKS! Someone was setting off fireworks on a boat out in the water. They were big, legit fireworks too! So we stood and watched the fireworks from behind the restaurant. it was a great end to a great evening!

On Friday, Alex and I decided to check out our new local Whole Foods. We had one within walking distance from our old apartment and we really miss it! I found one that's close by, not within walking distance, but close enough. We went in and discovered this new thing they're doing called "5 after 5" that runs from 5-7pm. You pay $5 to sample 5 different wines and appetizers spread out around the store. So while you're shopping, you can enjoy some wine and snacks!

It's every Friday and if you bring back your wine glass, it only costs $4 the next time! It's a really cool idea and a fun way to get your Friday started :-) We really enjoyed it and will definitely be checking it out again this Friday

I didn't take a picture of the "5 after 5" thing but this photo is from a wedding I shot a while back.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1 year down, 50+ to go!

It's hard to believe that this time last year, I was with my girls at Whole Foods getting breakfast on the day of my wedding. We had celebrated hearty the night before at the Withrow's place...barbecue, mac n' cheese, drinks, fun! Myself and all my girls slept in Alex's and my tiny apartment in Fairfax. Roni and I had the bed, Lizzie and Soph the futon, Jessie the couch and Connie the airmatress. It was cramped and a ton of fun! I'm so glad I had them there with me!

This time last year, primping and getting ready for the ceremony

I look back on that day so fondly. It was wonderful. Everytime I look at the pictures, I smile!

So today Alex and I celebrate our first year as a married couple.

Though we have been together for nearly 4 years. Here are some pictures from the past...

Us at the beach about 4 years ago

This was a rugby banquet for Alex's team. We were most certainly underage as we deemed it "cool" to pose with a wine bottle, HA!

And then we celebrated our first year together with a dinner cruise along the Potomac! It was a really magical night. And my do we look different! You can even see traces of my blue hair!

This was us in the fall at one of our favorite parks; Burke Lake

Then we took a cruise around the Carribbean! We went to the Grand Cayman Island, Costa Maya Mexico, and the Bahamas. It was a week long and our first "real" vacation together.

Then Alex graduated! Here we are celebrating at Maggiano's :-)

Lucky for me, I still had another year of college :-)

But then of course, I graduated too!

A day that will forever stand out in my mind! Alex proposed at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna. We had always talked about this being the place we'd get married. Unfortunately, we underestimated the popularity of this spot and there was a 2 year waiting list.

We celebrated our engagement with a dinner cruise (the same one on the Potomac). We got such lovely congratulations all night long! There were a few other couples also celebrating their anniversaries

Then of course, we got our house!

It has been such an amazing first year! I truly look forward to so many more with Alex by my side :-)